You Are Worthy of Love

When you decide you’re not just going to take what you get anymore you get more.

A.B. Wisely
2 min readJan 3, 2023
Photo by Sara Shakeel.

It’s like, I know I am a Queen as I already woke up to the truth of my divine regal nature. Out on the streets everyone bows to me blinded by the elegance of my grace and beauty. I have mountains of gold and precious treasures at my infinite disposal in my home. Kings and Sheikhs around the world eagerly await for me to grace their palaces with sheer purity of my dazzling presence.

But I have one dark little secret. An addiction I am getting some sick twisted pleasure from and am unable to let go off just yet. The whole world bends to prostrate in front of me in awe, yet, every night, on the brink of twilight, just as the darkness descends, I keep running to this tiny old decayed house, tucked in a valley behind the lake, where I am just a maid and get treated as such by people who are used to knowing and utilizing me as a maid and for a good reason, because I used to act like one, and who have no capacity whatsoever to perceive my divine regal nature because it has not awakened in them themselves yet.

And every time they do treat me that way, I start questioning my royalty, divinity and, at times even, sanity, desperately trying to convince them that I am in fact a Queen, forgetting that I am a royal to begin with whether they agree with it or not.

I start believing the reflection of my former beliefs about myself, my self-worth and my old life, that was so full of lack and suffering, and proceed to blindly fight this image that is just an outdated static unalterable reverberation of my painful past and their distorted perception, frozen beyond the formidable, yet deceiving constraints of spacetime.

I can pass by many mirrors reflecting all kinds of things, but from now on I only agree to stand in front of the ones that reflect the infinite truth of my utter perfection back to me. The truth that I deserve to be loved wildly without exerting any effort or performing any function just because I exist. It is a good enough reason.

I choose to be with someone who can see, beyond any hint of a reasonable doubt, just how perfect I really am. Someone whose affection I don’t need to compete with the outside world for because, for them, at the very first sight of me, that world falls away once and for all.

I choose to be with someone who can see, beyond any hint of a doubt, just how perfect I am, even if that someone…is just me.

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A.B. Wisely

I've been called a strong woman more times than I care to admit. Not sure when, along the way, I became strong. Or a woman for that matter.