When Love Speaks

No More Fear.

A.B. Wisely
5 min readJan 24, 2024
Image by Grant Collior.

We’re so afraid of earthquakes. But an earthquake is just a happy tremble of the Earth which happens when two pure ones who, from the very beginning of time, were destined by God to be together, after decades of unrelenting trying and failing, finally find each other and reunite now once and forever more.

When that occurs, and make no mistake, it is a rare occurrence, akin to one in many many millions of ions, Earth is merrily shaking in trepid agony of due anticipation, as it now knows that it will, in fact, make it another hundred years.

And that is thanks to the tender joy and rapture this divine union will now create and, generously, put forth into the woven fabric of the collective. Just so others, too, can experience, strive toward, fail to access or just, simply, if they so wish, from the distance of the sidelines, most reverently, observe the sheer magnificence of its divine perfection.

This pair is of a rare kind as it is courageously positioned to single-handedly counterweigh the countless chasms of a far and wide reaching range of human infidelities that, these days, run so inherently rampant on Planet Earth: be it greed, lust, pain, sickness, war, hatred, poverty or good plain old suffering that their venomous presence is all but stands a mere chance of being duly noticed by our frantic minds that are too busy running our daily lives.

However, as formidable as those declinations of spirit, may, at a first and unfledged glance appear, they only serve as a dreadful slew of mere symptoms, whistle-blowingly pointing to the true antidotes to a happy and healthy human existence — the lies we tell ourselves and others, as well as the inevitably ensuing chaos and confusion.

These symptoms, which the humankind these days is so vehemently trying to conquer, contrary to the opinion of most, are not our enemy. They, in fact, are our most precious guideposts without which we would simply not know which way to dig to uncover the lie hiding deep down our psyche. The very lie that holds the core of the false belief system that has created the issue and, mind you, any issue at hand, together.

It is about time we wake up, let go of our conceited pride and an inflated sense of self and admit, to ourselves and others, that we, humanity, have fallen. Golden age is long gone. Utopia — just a distant memory, trapped somewhere deep down the treacherous corridors of our subconscious as a painfully unattainable reminder. No one will tell you, but deep down I know you, at times, sense that we’re already in hell.

With a rare exception of a lucky few who are currently bouncing back and forth between heaven and hell as a part of their mandatory purgatory curriculum, most of us, mere mortals, are still neck deep, tepidly brewing in the gutter soup of our individual, as well as collective unconscious.

The dark angel of death is circling upon us, like we’re its meager prey of flesh and blood, but we are so much more than that. And that is precisely what we must, against all odds, most bravely remember, to even have the slightest chance of ever making it out of this unfairly tragic equation of a precious human life trapped in a vicious cycle of the merry-go-round of an illusion.

It is about time we cease to fight each other and, instead, courageously, merge our infinite, albeit forgotten, powers to stand up to the evil forces that have treacherously convinced us that we needed to fight at all in the first place.

We are now, most urgently, called upon to stop suppressing the birthright truth of our inherent worth and goodness and begin to fight the only real evil of this world — the vile projections of our own delusional thinking. And that, as disappointing as it may, to many, sound is, almost entirely, an inside job.

We are now asked to heed our soul’s desperate cry, and accept the ever-sacred invitation to venture out into the scariest place any human has ever been — the inside of one’s own heart.

There are so very few of us doing this work on Earth today in earnest. Join our joyful circles whenever you’re ready. We’ll always greet you with open arms as when it comes to paving our joint way back home to ourselves — we’re always stronger together.

But don’t delay for too long. I can’t promise it won’t be painful or hard or even heartbreaking at times. Or that you’ll ever make it all the way out on the other side — I know I never did, as getting out of the illusion we are all collectively hypnotized to live within is a tricky business. All I know is that no matter what life brings along the way just the mere act of trying will always be so worth it.

And so when our two dazzling newlyweds, impatiently, lock their trembling bodies in an impassioned expression of the deepest love, honor and admiration for one another, resoundingly affirming their shared divinity, then the golden pathway of their joint destiny, which has been woven into the fabric of heavenly existence from the beginning of time, may solemnly commence.

And as her body is trembling in the seismic convulsions of love and passion all her beliefs, shackles and limitations begin to crumble swiftly tearing the very foundation she’s been standing on all her life up until that very moment, finally allowing the light deep inside her soul to shine through brightly, as it was always meant to.

And when he sees this pristine light shining through the cracks of her rapidly shattering belief systems, he too, at the very first sight of such purity and beauty, can’t help but surrender into the ever-present benevolent ocean of consciousness, this time fully. As he is now bound to quietly follow her everywhere she goes, always by her side, just one short step behind her, tightly holding her hand as the most loyal friend and ally in this lifetime ever could.

And from that point on they live happily ever after, nourishing the tender friendship between the two of them daily. He — the mind and she — the heart — the true lovers of this life so readily available inside each and every one of us, if only we ever stopped for a long enough of a moment to notice. It is the piercing heartbreak of their separation that most of us so painfully carry inside us, ever-desperately trying to mend it by getting love through one another, when the only true lasting repair is possible within.

And as the time comes for you to valiantly set on the path of walking back home to your own whole self — the only journey worth undertaking — I wish you much success, resilience, fun and adventure in reuniting those inner long lost lovers as they are patiently waiting and have been for a long time for you to notice the sheer tragedy of their separate existence.

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