Let It All Go. And All Of It Will Come.

A.B. Wisely
2 min readDec 29, 2022
Photo by Sara Shakeel.

If you go right, if you go left,
Despair not, as nothing’s ever lost.
Injustice system punishes and blames,
Ignoring sacred things in life that, frankly, tend to matter most.

Allow me vision so that I can see,
Beyond distortions of the mind.
While laying in a vibrant tulip flower field,
I finally encountered Grace that’s always been here, and has been always kind.

I’ve travelled, stumbling down the twisted knotted roads,
As if blindfolded — tears running down my cheeks.
Like Alchemist, I finally have to come know,
That Truth’s like rapid crystal water in elusive lucid mountain creeks.

Been both Madonna and a Whore,
Been both a Sinner and a Saint,
But in the end I see that neither could quell the yearning,
That is ever-present, yet is faint.

I tried to take, I tried to give,
But neither would quite work for me long-term.
And every test that I would proudly ace,
Has led to a, yet, more challenging midterm.

No longer having strength or, rather, will to nobly walk,
I’d fall down on my knees to meagerly proceed to crawl.
Distracted by a prophet who so eloquently spoke,
Self-righteously proclaimed: I want to make a difference, after all!

Prospect of human dignity no longer seems astute,
Sustained serenity of peace — too challenging to emanate.
At last, alas, the sole endeavor truly worthy of heartfelt pursuit’s:
The mere earnest willingness to solemnly self-abdicate.

Spirit stays strong, while body, at times, trembles weak,
To follow heart don’t be afraid to recklessly abandon mind.
Remember, while so many of us try and seek,
It’s only rare lucky few who truly dare to power through and, in this lifetime, their own freedom find.

A.B. Wisely 2021 ©

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A.B. Wisely

I've been called a strong woman more times than I care to admit. Not sure when, along the way, I became strong. Or a woman for that matter.