Do you have the courage?

A.B. Wisely
1 min readJun 23, 2021
Photo by Amour Amelia.

Do you have the courage to dive deep beneath the thought,
To transcend the story of the victimhood and hurt.

Feeling death when listen, mute when speak,
In this game of fun, but, often, brutal hide and seek.

Dare to see tender truth beyond the coarse lies,
Having lost the sight — audaciously not close your weary eyes.

Yet you want to deeply to be free of shackling burthen’s hold,
But your screaming heart is wrapped in moldy shame that’s many decades old.

Do I have the power to transmit through my embrace,
Liberating knowledge of the ever-present Grace.

Can you trust enough to gently self-annihilate —
Only way to make the tribulation dissipate.

Do you have the will to face the ruthless pain of waking up,
Bearing agonizing terror of becoming grown up.

Failing to explain the vibrancy of color to the blind,
Are you sane enough to willfully renounce your mind?

A.B. Wisely 2017 ©

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A.B. Wisely

I've been called a strong woman more times than I care to admit. Not sure when, along the way, I became strong. Or a woman for that matter.